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Envy X Reader: Some Possesive Loving :iconthe-fanfic-writer:The-Fanfic-Writer 103 31
His Yandere!Yato x Reader
"Y-Yato?! W-What's wrong with you?" I asked as I stepped back. He grinned and pushed me against the wall. The stench of stained blood burning my nose. "You see, (Y/N). You're mine, he was only getting... In the way of our love. So... I killed him for you," He smirked. "Now you will be mine, forever.."

I walked inside of my school with my friends Yuki and Kotori. They were a bit more... As you could say... Energetic, than I could ever be. "(Y/N)-chan!~ Yuki-chan! Look how pretty the trees look!" Kotori exclaims excitedly. Yuki looks up and her eyes are soon filled with life. "Ahh!!! Sigoui Sigoui!!" Yuki states. "What do you think (Y/N)-chan?" Yuki and Kotori asks me. I sigh and look up at the trees. To be honest, they kinda looked like what they always looked like. "I think they look like what they always look like." I answer. "Ehhh?! But don't you think they look prettier than they usually do?!" Kotori asks in surprise. They continued to blabb on about random things
:icontoxicwolf5102:ToxicWolf5102 5 3
Reflection [Yandere!Yato x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
The fingers of the trees splay across the muted light.
Frozen wind. Mist stinging your skin like millions of needles.
Your mouth gaped, begging, choking for even the slightest bit of air. Your throat raw, your lungs striving for what little air it could obtain, numb fingers clawed and tugged and crisp blades of grass as you fought for an escape.
Soft whispers echoing through the forest...
They called for you.
They whispered your name.
They crawled into the sensitive passages of your mind.
The frosted grass crumbled beneath his feet as he approached you, eyes colder than the ice beneath him, face devoid of all expression.
His blade glistened in the subdued light of the shrouded sun.
Crimson splatters dripped down his face as tears.
But, nothing stirred within him.
He simply watched your broken form, struggling, striving, fighting for an escape.
All you longed for was
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 182 20
Painkiller. (Yandere!Uta x Reader)
I honestly don't even know.
Warnings: Violence, blood and gore and cursing.
Can you spot the Mortal Kombat fatality? lol //run over by Mumen Rider//
:iconangiehimesan:Angiehimesan 181 30
Possessive - Yandere!L Lawliet x Reader
You were new to the Taskforce, so you felt that working on the Kira case would get you some recognition. You knew the dangers of what could happen, but you didn't care as you stuck to the case. Watching as some of your coworkers resigned from the case. As time passed by you and six other officers were left on the case with L along with the chief's son, Light. Your new hideout was a building that L had built for the case. You didn't like L that much, his attitude irritated you, but you put up with it for the sake of capturing Kira.
Though you didn't like L that much, the opposite could be said for him. He found you intriguing, more or less fascinating. From the corner of his eye he would watch you as you all worked. His heart would soar whenever you'd speak or give him a nervous smile. You tried being polite to the older male, but it was hard with the stares and constant scowls and growls he gave the other members when they got near you. At the moment you, Light, Misa, and L sat in a ni
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 52 9
A Demon's Love - Yandere!Sebastian x Reader
You had a gift, a special one at that. You had the ability to see the dark desires in peoples hearts. This gift was quite handy for a young girl that was left out in the streets to defend herself. But, that gift wasn’t any good to you once you accepted that job as a maid at the Phantomhive Manor. All of the servants had good intentions, their hearts filled to the brim with light and love, all of them except his.
You couldn’t see what he desired, but you could see the cloud of darkness that swirled around his heart that didn’t look as if it was even beating. Like it was just there for show, to mask what he truly was. You always suspected that the Phantomhive’s butler wasn’t really human, but didn’t have any proof. Even when you tried confronting the young master when he was alone, you still didn’t get any answers. Without any proof, you kept quiet.
But, that didn’t mean you didn’t avoid the raven haired man every chance you got. For
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 43 5
Mature content
Master [Yandere!Demon!Ciel x Contractor!Reader] :iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 205 48
Mature content
Lucifer x Reader Lemon - Your Mine :iconanimelovesyou2:Animelovesyou2 99 30
Lucifer/Urushihara x Reader: Stop Beating Me!!!
"Grrr!!! Stop beating me, (Y/N)!!!!"
"Well, quit sucking at this game and maybe, you'll win."
"Urushihara, please keep it down." Ashiya complained over a hot stove. "Shh! I'm trying to concentrate!!!" Urushihara complained while bashing the buttons on his PSVida. You and Lucifer have been playing (Favorite Two-Player Game) for at least 2 hours now and had 59 matches of the game and you won every single one of those game matches. "Dammit! How do you keep beating me?!?!" 
"I don't know. Maybe you just suck at this game." You said while cracking you fingers and stretching. You looked at the time and it was 9:35. "Crap! I got to go! We'll continue our battle tomorrow, okay Urushihara?"
"Yeah, whatever." He mumbled as he walked over to his computer.
"Actually," Ashiya started, "it's is quite dark outside and I don't want Miss. (L/N) to get hurt or lost. Urushihara, would you-"
"I get it, I get it." Lucifer got up from
:iconminecraftpersonsky:minecraftpersonSky 186 34
Yandere!Kaneki Ken x Reader |Unrecognizable|
It was never a pleasant thing to be woken up in the middle of the night. Especially not when what woke you up was a crashing noise, and it sounds like it's close. You soon realize that huddling in your sheets isn't going to do much for you either. So, you were left with only one option:
Investigate what is happening. That, or you could call the police. However, if there was nothing wrong, you didn't want to deal with all of that. And you already assume that it's nothing more than the wind, or your mind playing tricks with you.
The best decision you can make is to creep out of your room, a bat at hand. Do a quick investigation, and then go back to bed. Slowly, you crawl out of your comforting sheets. When you glance back at them, you frown. Your bed looks all too inviting. But you gather whatever remnants of courage you have, grab a bat, and creep towards the door on tiptoes.
It doesn't take all that long for fear to get the best of you. The hairs on the back of your neck creep up, and
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 247 57
deceitful. | yandere!kaneki ken x reader
Kaneki Ken was always a silent type. Watchful, never one to intervene - merely a bystander. His good friend, Hide, did the talking for him. All he had to do was stand nearly by, and add in a few words when needed. But, the thing was; when was he needed? Never, almost. He was simply one in the crowd that never was given the chance to stand out.
He had learned to watch carefully. To peak behind doors, sneak around, he was as quiet as a mouse. When he spotted you, he figured he could do the same. He guessed that saying hello wouldn't lead him anywhere, so he just looked on as you lived your life.
You'd get up at seven. He hadn't managed to sneak into your house yet, so the rest of your morning routine was a mystery. However, when you did pop out of your apartment - it was at 7:30 precisely. You walked to work. It was a ten minute long journey. Work was only part-time for you, your shift ended at three. Kaneki would be there. Did you sense him? No. Never. He was there, transparent, and you
:iconnoeq:Noeq 280 30
A God Without Wings: Yandere! Tomoe x Reader
☽A God Without Wings☾
Tomoe x Kami! Reader 
...A God without the beauty and grace of bird...
"But Nanami, what's wrong?!" I yell running after the land god trainee. "Nothing {First Name}! Now just leave me alone!" Nanami yells, looking as though she was going to rip out her brunette locks.
"If it's about the god thing you really shouldn't get so worked up!" I say, a worried and slightly nervous expression clouding my face. "It's not that okay? I-I'm just having problems with...Tomoe." She explains as she falls to the ground, looking up at me with a teary gaze.
"What's going on?" I ask, thinking about my own shinshi Okami.
"It's nothing you can help with {First name}, so stop asking." Nanami says, lowering her voice to a dangerous volume.
I get up from my spot on the ground and turn away from the Sakura Goddess. "Now I'm going back to the shr
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 160 14
My Half Breed: Yandere! Sesshomaru x reader
🍵My Half Breed🍵
Sesshomaru x Half-Fox Demon! Reader
...Half-Breeds are a needless species, taking up the earth...
"Hey Rin, wait up please!" I yell, running after the little raven-haired girl. "No {First Name}, you just have to be faster!" She screams happily as she speeds up. I start to slow down, trying to catch my breath. 'Where does she get so much energy?!' I think, sitting down on the grassy surface of the earth. "{First Name}, are you okay?" She turns and runs back to me. "O-Oh yes...I-It's just my body is giving out on me today..." I say as my face becomes increasingly warm. My vision becomes blurry and black spots cloud my sight. "{First Na-}-...yo-...oka-?" Rin's voice was distorted and hard to hear. Before I knew it I fell to the ground.
"Lord Sesshomaru, please come quick!" Rin runs into the noble dog demon's home. She looks around and decides to look for him. "What do you need Rin?! Quit being so loud!" Jaken asks with an angry tone
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 275 29
Hide and Seek - Yandere!Danny Phantom x Reader
“[Your Name], where are you?” You heard Danny asked as you tightly held your hands over your mouth. Your eyes wide as you stared down at the concrete floor of the abandon factory you were hiding in. Of course you choose the most “wonderful” and “perfect” place to hide while being pursued by a love obsessed ghost that was your best friend. The best way to describe it was that you were stuck in a sick and twisted game of hide and seek. Your shoulders tensed as you heard movement close to your hiding spot.
“Well I guess since you’re not in here I’ll just have to check somewhere else” you heard him say as it soon went quiet. Quietly you peeked out from your hiding place and looked around the empty building before sighing as you moved back into your hiding place and leaned back against the stack of boxed. You close your eyes and took in slow deep breaths to calm your fast beating heart. “Found you” you snapped your eyes
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 152 16
Bill Cipher x Reader CH3
Ford blinked and you waited patiently. He seemed to be processing this information. He may have asked the question but he didn’t seem at all prepared for the answer. Finally, he spoke again but he did so as if choosing each word carefully.
“If you aren’t human than what are you? Also you look human so is this just a human form?”
“I’m pretty sure this is my true form but I’m not quite sure what I am just that I’m not human. I can’t be human. I’m too different from you guys.”
“What have you noticed?”
“Well there’s the sleep thing, I can see in the dark, and dreams don’t come naturally to me they have to be made by someone. Plus, I have these matches.”
You pull out your matchbox.  
“They don’t exactly look like regular matches.”
“May I have a look at them?”
“Long as you don’t light any.”
You hand the box over. Ford opens the red box and
:iconthefoggylondonview:TheFoggyLondonView 15 3
Bill Cipher x Reader CH2
~Bill POV~
You float in the mindscape after viewing yet another reality. So many dimensions and you have yet to find what you’re looking for. Ok, more like who you’re looking for. Curse that stupid matchbox of hers. Which reality could she be in?
You’ve looked in all the most likely ones, even the one she’s from. Though, truthfully, you doubt she’d be in that one if she could help it. Maybe you should take a break from searching, calm your head. She must be so lost right now though. You can’t stand to even think of how alone she must be feeling right now without you there.
Ok, just calm down Bill. It’s been proven she can take care of herself. She's not completely dependent on you. She can handle lots of things though knowing this doesn’t make you feel any better. If anything it made you feel worse because it reminded you that she wasn’t supposed to have to handle things on her own. You made a deal, a promise, that you’d alway
:iconthefoggylondonview:TheFoggyLondonView 65 19



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